“The Beginning” of Futuristic Gaming

Remember this gem?

Right around the Sony’s Playstation 2 launch, their ad campaign included a strange yet awe-inspiring video depicting a gamer in the year 2078 who recently gained ownership of a palm-sized sphere with the logo “PS9” embedded on it.

As a 7 year old at the time, images of futuristic games that included holograms and the like was, as I said before, awe-inspiring and resulted in me begging my parents for a PS2 for years to come.

Anyways, enjoy, I recently stumbled upon it on Youtube.

PS9 Commercial

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4 thoughts on ““The Beginning” of Futuristic Gaming

  1. I want games to stay games. Thats it.

    Gaming hasnt learned what music, movies, books have already mastered

  2. Sony for me has been one of the leaders of gaming tech and the gaming experience, although they’re horrible at marketing their products in the way Nintendo and Microsoft have to be appealing to non-gamers. But I hope by the time I have grandchildren (i’m in my 20s now) that gaming has evolved to a state anywhere close to what we saw in that commercial. That’d be awesome. With technology that allows us to interact with computers with our mind, capture our body movements for in-game interaction, and graphics and engines that seem to get impossibly more detailed and expansive with each passing day, the future may be closer than we think.

    • I agree that Sony needs to do a tad better with their marketing, considering of course the ailing sales of the PS Vita. However, like you said, a future similar to the PS9 commercial would be great in my books.

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