Getting there…

So, I’ve always had an interest in writing but it was only recently that I decided to reach out and bring my talents to a larger audience.
I figured, “Hey, I like games” and then I realized that people have careers where they voice their opinions about the game industry’s happenings. Consequently, I decided to do something.
I began on June 23, 2012 by visiting a couple of websites where writers with my interests can find an audience. Namely
There, I found a great multitude of sites that were looking for volunteer writers. I had started my blog about a month prior so I had been writing for free as it was. Unfortunately, my blog wasn’t  receiving as many views as I would like so I took a few contacts from the site and sent some emails. Over the next 24 hours I received about 5/15 responses but overall I found a couple of sites that wanted to see my work. I am now writing for these two and hope that it will act as an adequate genesis for a career in writing.


2 thoughts on “Getting there…

    • Thanks for the encouragement and yeah, writing about games isn’t the MOST lucrative career in the world so I’m sure you’ll find something else that piques your interest!

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