Its been a while…

So, after taking  a year-long hiatus from  writing about the games industry as a whole I’m ready to jump right back into the mix. I’ve been focusing on my studies and taking a keen interest in computer science as of late. I’m actually considering starting to teach myself either Python or C++ within the coming weeks. After taking two 18-hour semesters this past year and, in addition, being currently enrolled in summer classes I still have an astute desire to pursue some form of career in writing (how I find the time I don’t know – Organic Chem is no joke).

All in all, expect to hear a lot more from me in the coming months. You can check out my opinions on Square Enix’s FF7 remake here. For the time being I’ve provided the following images from Hubble’s Space telescope. Don’t ask why I just thought it was friggin’ awesome. What these pillars of gas resemble is up to interpretation.

Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation


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