Features – Android Identity

Google Now Ported to Ice Cream Sandwich for Android Entity

Google Now has only been available to Jelly Bean users until now…” Read More


Xperia P Android 4.0.4 ICS Update for Android Entity

Xperia P Android

The Sony Xperia P will be receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich update between August 19 and August 25...” Read More


Put to Task: Android Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS… No Contest for Android Entity

Seems pretty bleak doesn’t it?…” Read More


Google Fiber: Will it Beat Out Verizon, Comcast and AT&T as We Move Toward an All Digital Future? for Android Entity

Google Fiber is in contention to become a thriving part of the telecommunications industry already garnering 7000 subscribers within its first few days of existence…” Read More


Android: A Trendsetter when Compared to Apple’s iOS  for Android Entity

In a future where innovation may be the dividing block between success and failure, Android is leading the charge. Read on to see why I say that...” Read More


Android vs. iPhone: The Verdict? for Android Entity

I have found that both Android and iOS present clear, concise reasons to adopt either faction though it all comes down to what exactly the user is looking for…” Read More


Fiber and Android: Google’s Reign Continues for Android Entity

Google Fiber. Is Google taking a stab at breakfast cereals?…” Read More


Why Minecraft Pocket Edition Sucks for Android Entity

“In a fit of boredom, I went onto the Google Play store on my HTC Evo 4G only to find that there in fact was a mobile version of Minecraft: the appropriately named Minecraft Pocket Edition…” Read More


Jelly Bean Aims to ‘Wow’  for Android Entity

Android’s Jelly Bean platform provides users and developers alike the tools needed to leap into the digital age full-throttle…” Read More


Android: Mobile Gaming’s Future? for Android Entity

As an owner of an HTC EVO 4G, I find myself enveloped in the many titles that reach the Google Play store on a weekly basis…”  Read More


Google’s Gem: Android for Android Entity

“Google has been responsible for many innovations in recent past, however, a decade prior no one could have predicted the reach that the company would attain in the search engine, industry, mobile, and tech markets collectively…” Read More


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