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Nexus 7: Every Android Lover’s Dream for Diggidy.net

For those of you who are wrought with skepticism when staring out into the great mobile landscape try to lighten up a little…” Read More


How the Walking Dead Has Influenced the Mobile Industry for Diggidy.net

If you haven’t noticed, the year is slowly winding down with more “Game of the Year” lists than zambonis at a hockey game...” Read More


Why Google Has Some Serious Work To Do Pushing the Android OS for Diggidy.net

In this way, Google needs to make more strides in the world of cell phones with products that represent their own artistic vision. Something that people not only experience but feel as well…” Read More


Innovation… Where are You? for Diggidy.net

If you’ve been wondering where the next innovation in the mobile gaming market will emerge from then look no further… No, really...” Read More


Free-to-Play is Here to Stay! for Diggidy.net

If you haven’t noticed… there’s a trend that is breaking new ground in the mobile gaming industry: free-to-play...” Read More


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