Features – Leviathyn

Is Wii U Really the Next Generation? for leviathyn

Nintendo’s Wii U has been commonly referred to as the first of the next generation consoles, however, this moniker is up for much speculation in light of the current console market...” Read More


Fanboys: Pros and Cons for leviathyn

The woes of fanboys could be heard daily on forums and comment sections alike during the genesis of modern-day online publishing but these fervent gamers have grown up…” Read More


Top 5 Reasons to Play Minecraft for leviathyn

Mojang’s Minecraft brings the simplicity and outright enthusiasm which you may or may not have had for Legos as a kid...” Read More


‘All Your Mines Are Belong To Us’: Minecraft and its Intricacies for leviathyn

“…Minecraft has stolen a cue from that invisible god whom video game developers hold dear: ‘fun’…” Read More


Androids, iPhones, and Mobile Gaming Market for leviathyn

Considering the caliber to which the quality of software on mobile devices has skyrocketed in recent past can only lead to the speculation of where developers may take the Android and iPhone platforms in the future...” Read More


A Brief Reflection: Mass Effect Series for leviathyn

“Has the sci-fi genre ever made a great impression on me? Not really. But it has never been packaged in a title as appealing as Mass Effect…” Read More


The Walking Dead, A New Take On Interactive Media? for leviathyn

With more and more games these days having a direct focus on player choices and the like, is it no surprise that The Walking Dead emphasizes the very same elements?…Read More


Mega Man 10: Why Capcom’s Blue Bomber Will Live On for leviathyn

Capcom’s blue bomber , Mega Man, has become an incredible part of many gamers’ lives which explains Capcom’s decision to bring gamers back to grips with their childhoods when they decided to release Mega Man 10...” Read More


What Do You Want From the Next Generation? for leviathyn

What would you want for the next generation? See what the team has to say...” Read More


A Brief Reflection: 2002 – 2012 for leviathyn

The Illusive Man being a term that involves Mass Effect’s mysterious antagonist (or did you allow him to be a protagonist?) who provides information to players from “reliable sources” where gamers must then make the decision to either trust or distrust the aged spectre...” Read More


A Brief Reflection: Ratchet and Clank for leviathyn

Ratchet and Clank is a series that stands as a major part of my childhood and yes, I look up to a Lombax…” Read More


A Brief Reflection: Braid for leviathyn

Here’s a game that blew my mind that belonged to a previous, stupider version of myself. Through its impressive utilization of simplicity in light of the beautifully articulated world...” Read More


5 Japanese, Immortal Franchises for leviathyn

June 28, 2012

“There are a number of video game series that have been favorites for consumers for many years. But in my opinion these five offer a level of longevity that gives each of them the accolade I myself have christened: An Immortal Franchise…” Read More


Downloadable Content: The Future of the Games Industry for leviathyn

June 27, 2012


“The board rooms of some of the largest corporations in the games industry are buzzing with anticipation of what the future may hold; however, it is becoming readily apparent that that future may have room for only one method of distribution: a downloadable one…” Read More


Wii U: Formula for Success? for leviathyn

June 26, 2012

Well, for those of you who have been out of the loop, the Wii’ successor, appropriately named the Nintendo Wii U, is set for release Fall 2012. A question that is bound to be on a number of gamer’s minds is: Why?...” Read More


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