Features – Unigamesity

Aging Gamers in a Commercialist Society for Unigamesity

The woes of console-loving teenage boys could be heard daily on forums and comment sections alike during the genesis of modern-day online publishing but these fervent gamers have grown up, a new generation has taken their place, and their collective voice has only grown stronger…” Read More


SOE’s Baby: Planetside 2 for Unigamesity

Even if someone had the opportunity to go back in time and let Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) know that the free-to-play model would come to be the commercial success that it is today, that individual would still be met with skepticism…” Read More


Guitar Hero Went the Way of Tony Hawk: Why Activision… Why? for Unigamesity

If you are not familiar with the term ‘annualize-able’, then bear with me because by the end of this article you should have a pretty good idea of the implications that this word has on you and your gaming addiction...” Read More


Why I’m Still Playing Endless Space for Unigamesity

Endless Space is a game that may scare off a large portion of its potential audience due to the learning curve involved in playing title, however, it has an incredible payoff: ‘fun’…” Read More


Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free to Play? Let’s Hope it’s Not Another Blacklight: Retribution for Unigamesity

That’s right the Internet is buzzing concerning a certain game by the name of Star Wars: The Old Republic taking on the garb of Free-to-Play (F2P). Now, before I jump headfirst into this subject let’s go through the pros and cons of the F2P structure…” Read More


Valve’s Steam Seems Like a Dream for Unigamesity

In the great span of things, there are only a few companies that come to mind when considering the breadth to which online content has flooded our homes and lives: Google, Facebook, and, for gamers the world over, Valve’s Steam…” Read More


Is Free-to-Play Fun to Play? for Unigamesity

Unlike a large multitude of gamers, however, it came to my attention that free-to-play titles support an economic model which substantially empowers paying players over non-paying...” Read More


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