Features – What Culture!

Want to Write About Video Games? Here’s What an IGN and Official Xbox Magazine Writer Has to Say for What Culture!

“For everyone interested in the field of writing, the mantra ‘learn from best’ could not be more true. Nathan Meunier takes this and runs with it in his latest edition to the halls of literature and journalistic experience: Up Up Down Down Left WRITE!: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism…” Read More

The Walking Dead Game: Captivating Fusion Of Comics, Games & TV for What Culture!

They are not a large multitude of video game development houses that can find their niche in this large, burgeoning industry, however, it seems as though Tell-Tale Games has done just that with the release of the popular Walking Dead series…” Read More


Xbox 720: 4 Ways To Guarantee A Good Launch for What Culture!

What Microsoft needs for their next console is a battle plan. And here’s our take on that battle plan, in four key steps…Read More


Are Games Journalists Lazy? Hear What the Escapist and IGN Writer Says for What Culture!

“As a freelancer in this industry, you have to be a writer first, a good business person second, and a gamer last…” Read More


Jak and Daxter: Why We Still Love Naughty Dog’s Dynamic Duo for What Culture!

A title that had a significant influence in my becoming the games enthusiast that I am today was Crash Bandicoot’s spiritual successor: Jak and Daxter. It was a title that gave every kid my age a humble reminder of the creative ability Naughty Dog possesses…” Read More


Tasteful or Tasteless: What is Your View of Music in Gaming? for What Culture!

Through much deliberation on my part, I have garnered enough courage to venture into the topic of music in gaming. No, not the blips and bloops common to titles that were surely part of your childhood…Read More


Mass Effect: Reloaded and 4 More Gaming Spin-Offs Worth Seeing for What Culture!

In the grand scheme of things, video game developers have stuck to a tried-and-true business model: brand recognition sells. We’ve seen it all: from masterpieces to down-right dastardly renditions of our favorite heroes (remember Soul Calibur: Legends?). In this short piece I encourage you to digest what titles I think would make excellent spin-offs.Read More


5 Myths and Legends That Would Make Great Games for What Culture!

“It has come to my attention that even with the large presence of myths and legends in popular culture, it baffles me that the following characters have not yet made their way into a mainstream video game title.” Read More


5 Biggest Trends in Gaming for What Culture!

We’ve seen it before. From Fallout to Watchmen, augmented realities are a relevant part of popular culture and they seem likely to continue to be just that.Read More


Are Video Games Becoming Less Difficult As Easy Games Sell Better? for What Culture!

“Cliff Bleszinski: “…games have become more linear and easier…”” Read More


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